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Underground Angel by Sheryl D. White, Ph.D., touched my heart so many ways that I’m finding it difficult to begin this review. Dr. White deftly takes the historical figure, Laura Smith Haviland, and lovingly creates a novel depicting the life and times of a woman noted for her unwavering dedication to the abolition of slavery. For me, the reading of this novel was a personal journey as well. I grew up in southeastern Michigan, calling Laura Smith Haviland "Aunt Laura," even though she died more than fifty years before my birth. I knew very little about her except for a statute of her in Adrian, Michigan, heralding her work with the Underground Railroad. Last year when I began pulling together my own great grandfather’s memoir Civil War Journal of a Union Soldier, I learned more about this heroic woman.... Underground Angel also depicts the work Aunt Laura did during and after the war as she continued in her fight to see that all people received equal treatment under God’s law that guided her every breathing moment. I thank Sheryl White for writing this beautiful novel of faith, love, and equality. She’s given us a hero for which we all should strive to emulate.                                                                                                                    -PC Zick



Sheryl, I read most of your book. You did a good job. I am buying three more books to give as presents.

Janet Marsh

Wichita, KS

Excellent read. Highly recommend it to anyone interested in the era of slavery in America!!!!      

Delbert D. Slaugh

What a great way to let people know about your amazing book! Really like how you set up this website.

Marlene Lofgren

Haviland, KS

This book is hard to put down. I highly recommend it. 

Kathy Pritchett

Pratt, KS

Sheryl, Congratulations on your book.!! I am 50 pages into it. You are an excellent writer. Very interesting.

Becky Corazzin-McFall

Pratt, KS

Sheryl White's powerful book takes readers back to slavery. Her clear-cut writing style, ability to use realistic and well developed characters as well as her strong background knowledge on the subject matter create a well-penned novel. Laura Haviland is a neutral, yet crucial witness to the savagery and brutality of slavery. Readers follow the journey of slaves and their freedom, meeting Sojourner Truth, but also witness how Laura delights in the glory of God. - Don Beldon, Xulon Press

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